Parenting Arrangements

Your children mean the world to you and we completely understand that every situation is unique. Following separation there can be some really tricky issues to navigate that are emotionally draining for everyone involved. We work with you to resolve issues such as:

  • The division of time spent between homes
  • How to agree on ‘special days’ such as Christmas and birthdays
  • How to communicate effectively and co-parent moving forward

Dividing property

We help with the process of figuring out ‘who gets what’ following separation. Severing financial ties can be messy but we use an online program called ‘Family Property’ which helps simplify and streamline the process for you. There are important time limits for undertaking what we call a ‘property settlement’ process. We help you understand your options based on your individual circumstances.


Let us take away the paperwork and hassle involved in applying for a divorce. We provide personalised support with:

  • Carefully completing the necessary paperwork and documents
  • Court filing process
  • Attendance at court if required
  • Process serving

DIY Assistance

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach in family law. Perhaps you already have orders in place and need help ironing out some practical issues? Or maybe you need someone to ‘bounce’ a situation with or act as a ‘sounding board’. We can help in a more informal ‘DIY’ capacity by:

  • Reviewing any documents you have drafted yourself or any correspondence you have received
  • Helping you prepare for any dispute resolution process such as mediation
  • Being an ‘objective’ person who can help you draft emails/documents/messages to your ex-partner that fosters positive communication
  • Coming up with solutions to navigate co-parenting issues

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